Quotations of the Sisters of Saint Francis

Partners in healing with the Mayo's since 1883. Inspiring words from the Franciscan Sisters who founded Saint Marys Hospital.


Mother Alfred MoesMother Alfred Moes

Founder of the Rochester Franciscans, she also established Saint Marys Hospital in 1889

"With our faith and hope and energy, it will succeed."
1883, urging William Worrall Mayo, M.D., to support her plan to build a hospital

"The cause of suffering humanity knows no religion and no sex; the charity of the Sisters of Saint Francis is as broad as their religion."



Sister Joseph Dempsey

Administrator of Saint Marys Hospital from 1892 to 1939

"God will take care of us and give us no more to worry about than, with His help, we can manage."

"To my very dear friends: I do not deserve the plaudits given to me tonight but I will take them to distribute them among the Sisters with whom I have worked so many years to make Saint Marys Hospital a house of God and a gateway to heaven for His many suffering children."
1922, remarks on the opening of the Saint Marys Hospital Surgical Pavilion


Sister Domitilla DuRocherSister Domitilla DuRocher

Administrator of Saint Marys Hospital from 1939 to 1949

"How does a Sisters’ hospital differ from other hospitals? The chief differences are due to the fact that a Sisters’ hospital is their home ... that affects hospital construction, organization and administration."

"There are two ways in which an institution like this can succeed. One is through great leadership — the other is through good organization and administration."

"A cheerful voice and a pleasant manner over the telephone are as important as a smile and a cheery ‘Good Morning’ when meeting patients."


Sister Mary Brigh Cassidy

Sister Mary Brigh Cassidy

Administrator of Saint Marys Hospital from 1949 to 1971

"May you always see in your patient not an interesting or uninteresting ‘case,’ but a human being, a Child of God, whom you are privileged to serve and through whom you may serve the Divine Physician who is also the Prince of Peace."

"It is often almost, but it never really is tomorrow. It is always only today. We have only today in which to work, to pray, to dream, to plan and to help build a better world."

"We must be willing to remodel, convert, reeducate and retrain to meet merging needs, not waiting until they are overpowering, but treating them while they can be contained, (and) we must retain the proven treatment."

"I believe in God’s master plan in lives. He moves people in and out of others’ lives, and each leaves his mark on the other. You will find you are made up of bits and pieces of all who ever touched your life and you are more because of it, and you would be less if they had not touched you."


Sister Generose GervaisSister Generose Gervais

Administrator of Saint Marys Hospital from 1971 to 1986, and president of the Poverello Foundation until her death on Oct. 7, 2016.  

"Our greatest challenge is a personal one. It is the challenge of commitment. Commitment to the welfare of the patient and commitment to the identity and dignity of man as a Child of God, made in the image and likeness of the Creator."

"I’m often quoted as saying, ‘No money, no mission. 'That’s true, but remember the rest of it: ‘No mission, no need for money.'"

"A beggar told Saint Francis of Assisi: 'Be sure that thou are as good as the people believe thee to be, for they have great faith in thee.'"

"We must not be content only to see things as they are. We must have the vision, faith and hope to see what things can and must become."