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A team at Mayo Clinic develops life-saving procedures and devices that give the Allies a decided advantage in World War II.

Behind the Scenes

In 1973, Mayo Clinic offers its patients a revolutionary advance in brain imaging.

Behind the Scenes

A 56-bell musical instrument adds a unique element to Mayo’s healing mission. 

A natural disaster brings a community together to build a hospital. 

Years of persistent research lead to a landmark in medicine and the Nobel Prize. 

Behind the Scenes

The skill and values of the Doctors Mayo and their colleagues make the Mayo name synonymous with medical excellence. 

Behind the Scenes

Franciscan Sisters and a family of physicians create a legacy of care in La Crosse, Wisconsin. 

Behind the Scenes

An Italian physician comes to Mayo Clinic for training and makes lasting contributions to open heart surgery. 

Behind the Scenes

Researchers find a clue hiding in plain sight that may lead to a breakthrough in treating a painful condition. 

The first professional nurse at Mayo Clinic becomes Dr. Charlie’s wife, a community leader and a devoted mother and grandmother. 

Behind the Scenes

Art, architecture, nature and innovations contribute to a culture of healing at every Mayo site.

Behind the Scenes

A family of physicians reach out to friends at Mayo Clinic to escape persecution. 

A diverse group of guests at the home of Dr. Chuck and Alice Mayo discover the enduring strength of Mayo Clinic. 

For the world-traveling Mayo brothers, Arizona becomes a favorite destination. 

A determined woman plays an essential role in establishing the scholarly reputation of Mayo Clinic. 

Meet the diversified genius who was one of the most unforgettable people in the history of Mayo Clinic.

A frontier doctor and a Franciscan Sister become unlikely partners in the wake of a natural disaster. 

Young Will and Charlie Mayo step in to assist their father with a difficult operation. 

The true story of the beloved small-town physician featured in the movie “Field of Dreams.” 

A young man confined to an iron lung lives a life filled with achievement, friends and joy. 

For more than a century, presidents, vice presidents and their families have come to Mayo Clinic as loyal patients, trusted advisors and generous supporters. 

Dr. William J. Mayo and a small-town physician debate the future of health care delivery in 1927. 

Dr. William J. Mayo and his father agree on a patient-centered approach to health care.

Dr. Will Mayo shares his love of nature with friends and colleagues through boat trips on the Mississippi River.