Heritage Days

Heritage Days 2023

Heritage Days is an annual week-long event at Mayo Clinic locations in Arizona, Florida and Minnesota, as well as Mayo Clinic Health System. Its mission is to thank employees and volunteers for their service to patients, and to present Mayo Clinic values and history as an inspiration for our work today. 

Below are highlights of the 2023 Heritage Days activities.

"Rising to the Challenge: The Mayo Aero Medical Unit in World War II"

In December 1941, America went to war. Factories began turning out thousands of the most powerful fighter planes and bombers ever made.  But aviators were flying faster and at higher altitudes than the human body had ever experienced.  Pilots were crashing from “oxygen want” and blackout.

A team at Mayo Clinic built a new laboratory to search for solutions. Racing against time, Mayo doctors and technicians developed life-saving procedures and devices that gave Allied fighter pilots and bomber crews a decided advantage in the war.  In the process, they opened new horizons for human flight.   

Click above to see a short preview.

The full film, along with a special “Behind the Scenes” feature and a discussion guide, are available here.

Announcing a new book from Mayo Clinic Press

“Life at High G-Force: The Quest of Mayo Clinic Researcher Dr. Earl H. Wood”

by E. Andrew Wood

Earl H. Wood, M.D., Ph.D., a native of Mankato, MN, is best known for his ground-breaking work on the G-suit during World War II. Recruited by Mayo Clinic in 1942, Dr. Wood and his fellow scientists were often the test subjects in top-secret investigations on the effects of acceleration and the cause of gravitational loss of consciousness. Their work for the U.S. government resulted in advances that gave Allied pilots a decided advantage in the air battles of World War II.

 This book also reveals Dr. Earl H. Wood the person, the inspiring leader and mentor, coach, avid outdoorsman and family man, told by one of those closest to him – his son.

Now available  from Mayo Clinic Press and most on-campus Mayo Clinic retailers.